A look at our new Elements Collection of Asian-inspired cabinets

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If you’ve looked through the Asian Accents product catalog recently, you might have noticed some new categories available in Cabinets. In today’s blogpost, we’re taking a closer look at the Elements Collection: five new cabinets with a classic Asian design, available in traditional and modern colors.

Elements Collection: the design

The cabinets in our Elements Collection have a classic, low build that many collectors will recognize from Chinese-inspired furniture and carpentry.

Each cabinet has three drawers and three compartments, each fitted with an antique brass latch-lock key and a teardrop face plate. Inside, the cabinet has a removable shelf.

The Elements Collection cabinets are made to combine the best of Asian-inspired design with total functionality. These are pieces that you’ll love to look at, and use, every day.

Elements Collection: colors available

Just like their design, the colors of the Elements Collection combine traditional taste with contemporary style. The cabinets are available in five different colors:

  • Ruby Red, for a rich and classic design.
  • Platinum, for a discreetly luxurious style with hand-applied silver and gold flake.
  • Zinc, with silver flake hand-applied over a black surface, for modern design in 2019.
  • Sodium, in stark white. Make it a statement piece, or blend it with other white pieces for a sleek and modernist look.
  • Actinum, for a decadent design, with gold flake hand-applied over the black surface.


To learn more about the Elements Collection, view our online catalog or visit the Asian Accents showroom in Palm Beach.

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