How to use Oriental screens in your interior design

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At Asian Accents, we love to take inspiration from Asian furniture and design. Today, we're taking a closer look at screens: a classic part of Oriental furniture that is hardly used in the West. Here are three suggestions to make screens part of your interior design.

#1 Set up some shade

A screen is an easy way to create shade in a sunny room - without having to close the blinds! Plus, it's easy to move around through the day, so that you can always find a shady spot.

Similarly, a screen may help to keep out draughts. Set up a screen to keep the heat in and create a cozy space to relax.

#2 Create a flexible space

Screens are especially useful in large rooms or open-plan offices and homes. Because you can fold the screen away or move it around, it creates a flexible way to divide the space. Shut off a corner for private conversations, divide a meeting room from the main workspace, or mark a clear line between "lounge" and "homeworking space".

#3 Cover up distractions

Last of all... we all need a break from our screens, once in a while. Try placing a screen across your TV, desk or computer when you want to switch offf for a while. This is a great move if you have kids in the house; if the TV is out of sight, then they're less likely to beg for some screentime.

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