Asian Antiques Destination of the Week: China

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Welcome back to Asian Antiques Destination of the Week, where we investigate different Asian art traditions. In our latest post for this series, we looked at the colorful art of Bali. Today, we’re taking on a much bigger challenge: China.



What makes Chinese art special?


China is the largest country in the world. And it also has a phenomenally long histories, spanning dynasties from 1200 BC to the present day. So Chinese art is incredibly diverse: it’s a loose term for dozens of different cultures and periods in history.



Chinese art is also notable for its sophistication. The empire of China was very rich and technologically sophisticated, producing materials such as silk, fine ceramics, jade.



What to look out for


Some of China’s most famous antiquities are its ceramic vases. Most people will recognize the famous blue and white glaze of Ming dynasty pottery. Chinese furniture and wood carvings are also popular with antiques collectors and interior decorators.



What to avoid


Unfortunately, because Chinese art and furniture is so popular, there are a lot of fakes on the market. It’s important to work with reputable dealers, so that you know you are buying real antiques or genuine modern works of art. Whenever you buy Chinese antiques, you should ask the auction house or showroom to produce evidence of where each object comes from (known as “provenance”).



At Asian Accents, we are well aware of the challenges for modern collectors and decorators who love Asian-inspired art. That’s why we only deal with our established network of master craftsmen and reputable art traders. Visit our showroom or check out our online catalog to learn more about the exquisite Chinese ceramics, statuary, and furniture we have available.



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