How to buy Asian furniture and antiques online

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The right piece of art or furniture can complete your home, but it is also an investment. So here’s how to make sure that when you shop online, you only purchase the finest Asian furniture and antiques.




Tip #1: ask about provenance and condition


Real art is valuable because of who made it, where it comes from, or how old it is. So it makes sense that art and furniture are more valuable when you can prove their source. That’s what antiques experts call provenance.



When you buy art or furniture online, you should always ask about the provenance and condition of the pieces available. Make sure that you are purchasing Asian furniture from a dealer with a good reputation. Don’t be tricked into buying fake or fragile pieces.



And speaking of fragile...




Tip #2: ask detailed questions about shipping and delivery


Online dealers can be very convenient, and sometimes offer more affordable prices. But what about delivering those online orders to your home?



Ask detailed questions about the dealer’s shipping methods. How will they package fragile items? Do they use a specialist delivery service, or just regular mail? What is their policy on returns or breakages? Before you commit to a purchase, make sure that you will receive good customer service.



Tip #3: research prices


Just like with any other high value purchase, it’s a good idea to research prices in advance. Try to find out the average rates for art or furniture in your niche.



Be suspicious of prices which are very high – or very low! Remember, if an offer seems too good to be true… it probably is.



Tip #4: learn how to care for your pieces


Your due diligence doesn’t end with the purchase. If you want to enjoy your Asian furniture or antiques to the full, then you need to care for them over time.



Talk to your dealer, or do your own research online. Learn how to clean art and furniture safely, without damaging the material or any decoration. Make sure that you keep your antiques in a dry environment with a consistent temperature, so that they will stay in prime auction condition.






If you have any doubts or questions about Asian art, then start by talking to the experts at Asian Accents. We deal in Asian furniture and accessories of the highest quality, with impeccable provenance and treatment. Take a look at our online catalog, or come in and talk to us today!



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