Asian-Inspired Ideas for your Spring Garden

Posted by Bobby Leesman on

After a long winter, it’s time to start thinking about your garden projects for 2019. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how to add some Asian-inspired touches to your landscaping.


Planters are great for growing flowers and herbs – especially if you have limited space, or want to use an elegant, minimalist aesthetic. And when you choose a well-designed planter, it makes your plants look even better.

Choose ceramics in complementary colors, or carved stone planters for a more natural look. We love this stone planter that’s decorated with carved flowers and leaves – the perfect complement to bright floral colors.

Flower vases

Next, let’s bring spring into your home. Whether you cut fresh flowers in your own garden, or pick them up at the local farmers’ market,

Make sure that you pick out vases to match your flowers. For example, if you have a bouquet that’s all one color – a dozen red roses, or some tall white lilies – then you can choose a more ornate vase, such as classic blue-and-white Chinese ceramics.

However, if your flowers have “louder” colors and patterns, then choose a contrastingly simple vase. We like this hand-painted pot in neutral, sandy tones.

Rustic baskets

Vintage objets d’art and natural materials are currently in vogue. If you really want to get on board with a spring aesthetic, then baskets make a charming addition to your exterior and interior decorations. Use them to store garden tools, carry flowers and produce, or simply as a caddy for your books and blankets on a sunny afternoon outdoors.


Finally, no landscaping is complete without a statement piece to center your design. In the Asian tradition, this would often be a statue with religious significance, such as a Buddha figure.

However, you could also consider more abstract options. We love this found sculpture of a polished teak tree root. It perfectly expresses the concept of finding beauty in nature and the changes of the seasons.

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