Asian Cabinet Design

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How Asia inspired the latest trends in cabinet design

2018 has been an exciting year in interior design. What makes this year stand out? It’s the sheer range of ideas on offer – from rustic and vintage chic, to futuristic minimalism and classical revivals.

However, when we took a look back at this year, we realized there were some outstanding trends in cabinet design. And surprisingly enough, many of them seem to be inspired by traditions in Asian furniture and design. Let’s take a look…

Saving on space

Modern design is all about doing a lot, with just a little. The latest cabinet designs are unobtrusive and integrated into the rest of your interior design, while maximizing on storage. It reminds us of Japanese house design, or even this antique-style TV cabinet.

Natural materials

Many of us are now looking for more environmentally-friendly options, as well as materials which add a natural tone to your interior design. Distressed or unvarnished wood, wicker basketwork, and natural dyes give furniture and cabinets an authentic look.

Geometric details

Geometric design is a beautiful artistic tradition in many Asian cultures, using patterns in mathematics and nature in painted and carved decorations. We love the intersecting lines on this Chinese-style sideboard, made in ochre red with distressed wood.

Lattice and cut-out patterns

Cut-outs were a breakout trend in 2018 fashion and design. But the style is actually much older… thousands of years older. Take a look at this elmwood cabinet with lattice doors, or the traditional circular accents on this lacquer buffet table.

There’s a reason that Asian design is such a powerful influence on interior design. It combines ease and comfort with timeless grace and elegance. Take a look at our collection of tables, cabinets, statuary and accessories to find the piece that will complete your home design.



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