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Bored of the couch? Try these original seating design ideas

If you’re planning a redesign of your lounge, family room, or den, it’s because you’re ready for a change. You need interior design which suits your needs, reflects your personality, and adds a touch of elegance to your home. 

So it’s time to move away from that American institution: the couch. Instead, make your design stand out with these unusual, artistic options for seating.

Draw the eye with high-backed chairs

There’s an old English saying: “A man’s home is his castle”. And in many cultures, a tall or high-backed chair is just the seat for a king!

High-backed chairs provide plenty of support, and add elegance to your design by drawing the eye upwards. They look especially effective set against a contrasting wall, or as a corner piece.

Bring people together with a rustic bench

A simple bench is endlessly versatile. Use it to seat several people, as an unusual bookshelf, or to display ornaments. Benches are often lower to the ground than the traditional couch, giving your design a different dimension and more natural look.

Create a flexible design with stool seats

Just like benches, stool seats add a natural, relaxed note to your design. And they’re easy to pick up and move – so you can rearrange your seating plan to suit your taste or number of guests. Choose a stool with an interesting shape, like this red drum stool, for a conversation piece.

Experiment with different materials

There is a world of choice beyond leather, plush and fabric couches! Choose from rustic wood, polished lacquer, bright paints, or even whitewash for a vintage look. For extra comfort, add a colorful throw, sheepskin or cushion.



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