Landscaping for 2019: try these new water features

Posted by Frank Carlone on

January is a quiet season for gardeners and landscapers. That’s why it’s the perfect time to start planning your design for the year ahead. Now, while the ground is clear and you can see the space, it’s time to be creative and come up with exciting new ideas.

An elegant water feature always makes a good impression. It provides a centerpiece for your landscaping design, and gives freshness during the hot summer months. So from the exclusive design catalog of Asian Accents in Palm Beach, we present our three favorite water features to inspire you…


Cylinder stone fountain

For a dramatic, contemporary look, consider this black cylinder stone fountain. The three stepped pillars are attractive to the eye, and the dark, textured surface looks beautiful as water ripples down the columns.

Glass face of Buddha

This water feature is based on traditional Balinese design. The calm face of Buddha looks out over a design replete with spirituality, recalling the peaceful gardens and island streams of Indonesia. Set within a frame of white stone, the face is formed from glass, which plays with the light as water flows over it.

Stone sphere fountain

For many people, a garden is a sanctuary: a place of peace, meditation, and reflection. This elegant, black, stone sphere is the perfect centerpiece for a peace garden. As the water pours gently over its curved surface, it brings calm and a focus for the eye.


Most of our water features are self-contained fountains, including a pump. Talk to our expert representatives in Palm Beach for more information and advice on your design and decoration plans.

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