Different Asian Door Styles to Complete Your Home

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We often talk about Asian-inspired furniture or statuary, but sometimes you’re looking for a more subtle touch. With a door or screen, you can integrate Asian accents into your interior design. It adds just a touch of antique elegance – and you can appreciate the piece every time you enter or exit the room. Let’s take a look at 3 different Asian door styles to suit your home.


Discreet divider screen

Here’s a great option for open-plan homes, or if you enjoy changing your space regularly. This antique Elmwood Chinese screen has 6 intricately carved panels. The lattice work in the upper half lightens the look overall, and the deep-toned, ancient wood will fit with any surrounding colors.


Powerful wood and iron doors

If you are looking for a front door, statement entrance, or decorative focus for a room, consider these antique Chinese wood and iron doors. The aged wood has a unique patina, slowly built up over the years. And it is complemented by original iron handles, studs, and decorative plates.

Elegant lattice screen

Finally, a lighter and more decorative option. You could use this lattice screen as a simple decorative piece, or shade in a sunny room. The antique panel has been hand-carved in pale, raw-finished wood. While the pattern is completely traditional, its regular geometric shapes would not look out of place in a modernist art exhibition. It’s the perfect piece for contemporary design: balanced between new and old, East and West.


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