The Most Desirable Asian Antiques Right Now

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Asian antiques and Asian-inspired furniture have become more and more desirable in recent years. Chinese antiques and Japanese art have become hot-ticket items at auction houses around the world. And according to experts, South East Asian art is the most popular contemporary style in 2019.






If you want to decorate your home or garden with Asian statuary, traditional antiques or contemporary design, then these are the pieces to look out for. We’ve collected the best of the best. Now here’s how to add these antique styles to your home décor.






Ornate vases with animal motifs


The most expensive antique ever sold was the Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase. It was auctioned for over $80 million at Bonhams Auction House in London.



Antique Chinese vases stand out for their elegant, curved shapes. They often have intricate or latticework designs, with mythical animal motifs. To bring Chinese ceramics into your home, try this dragon-handled vase with bird motifs.



Black stone statuary


Black onyx stone figurines are currently the most sought-after Asian antiques, according to a leading antiques showcase. And religious carvings are the most desirable figurines. Take a look at this black stone Sitting Buddha. It’s available in a range of sizes, to match your design and space.



Antique cabinets


Asian-inspired furniture is always a favorite, from tables to cabinets, including contemporary and antique styles. The traditional, low shape of Chinese cabinets fits equally well with modern trends or a more conventional interior design.



This antique Shanxi cabinet is an excellent example. Its discreet shape conceals 7 drawers, beautifully detailed with brass ring pulls and a bird-tail key.






For even more antique inspiration and Asian-style furniture, visit our showroom at Palm Beach.



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